Week in Review: 20/2/11

How do you get Jesus, Gadaffi and Arsenal into one article? Well it’s all in a week’s work for Chris Huw Williams

Jesus likes to get himself around a bit. No, I’m not talking about him having sex with people (I never read about his promiscuity in the gospels), I’m talking about his face. For such a famous and well known person he sure does know how to make appearances. Previously seen on google maps, MRI Scans, toast, a drainpipe, a marmite lid and a students frying pan, the messiah himself has made an appearance on a rocking chair.

If I was the son of God, I think I’d find a better way of getting around rather than implanting my face in inanimate objects. What’s more annoying is how pleased the family whose rocking chair he’s graffitied are about the situation. Essentially what Jesus has done is vandalism, yet the families house keeper told them that, “it was a sign that our house and our family was being blessed.” Ridiculous. The face is actually made out of what looks like cracks and mould so I think it’s more like a sign to buy a new chair.

If I’m honest, I’ve been a bit out of contact with this week, particularly after Wednesday – as soon as Arshavin’s goal hit the back of the net, I’ve been in a odd little dreamworld in which news doesn’t actually matter but I’m furiously trying to claw my way back now. Particularly if there are more stories of seeing made up people in inanimate objects.

I don’t think that I’ve missed much this week, I saw the other day that a cat being introduced into Downing Street to get rid of a rat problem has become headline news. Talk about a slow news week. Most news channels tried to turn this non-story into a proper one by discussing the numerous cats which have previously graced Downing Street with their presence. What’s also followed is ridiculous descriptions of the cat, apparently this cat has “a high chase-drive and hunting instinct”. It’s a pet, essentially, and nothing else, just because it’s Cameron’s cat, doesn’t mean that the story is interesting or beneficial to anyone in any shape or form.

The only other thing that I can remember from the weeks news is that something’s been going on in Libya and that Colonel Gadaffi (the King of Ridiculous himself) has been attempting to quash the inevitable trip down revolution road by banning: he’s taken the internet from the protestors. The something is, of course, more riots and protests – another tribute act to the original protest in Tunisia.

So the king of ridiculous has taken internet from his countryfolk. Now, I can see the logic there: stop the protestors talking and they’ll not be able to organise, the same happened in egypt and is happening in Bahrain. Here’s the issue though: when I’m attempting to talk to someone on the internet and my internet connection is lost I turn to the little box in my pocket which, when you dial in a few numbers, you can contact other people.

Fooled by your own idiocy… You can’t stop a revolution by taking away just one means of communication. Get rid of all of them and you might be alright, but I think that’s pretty much impossible. Instead of wasting time pulling wires out the back of routers, why don’t you sort out your policies, sort out your oppressive regime and the state of the economy?! There’s no real point hiding behind wires, is there Gadaffi.