Week In Review: 13/2/11

Chris Huw Williams with his own take on the big entertainment stories from last week.

The big news this week, well, it’s obvious isn’t it?! The Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl!! In what proved to be an average game of a sport that most of the people in Britain can barely stand, let alone understand, the Packers overcame the might of the Steelers to score touch downs and kick the ball over that poor excuse for Rugby goals and other such American Football things.

I don’t get it. I understand it slightly more than I did, but that’s nothing – the commentators were generic Americans who barked numbers like it was a year 9 maths test and were going on and on about ‘plays’ as if it was the most exciting sport in the world. I’ve got news for you Americans: It’s not. In two hours of screen time I saw abut 10minutes of football. Every 20 seconds or so, there was a break. It was as if the people who invented the game believed that sports fans have the attention span of a goldfish and wanted to test their theory through the medium of football.

I watched the BBC coverage and by that I mean I watched an ex-kids TV presenter desperately try to claim he had not only some knowledge of the game, but some knowledge of the players as well. I think that was the only interesting thing about it: he was trying to get some banter going with two ex-American Footballers who knew one hell of a lot more stuff about the sport than he ever would. Black Eyed Peas attempted to lessen my dull feelings toward the sport with their half-time show – a show which proved to be the most boring and incredibly dull 15 minutes filled with average dancing and even more average singing.

What an event.

I don’t get, really, why Americans like it – unless you’re a fan of broken records, then I can see perfectly why you like it, for the concept of a broken record is similar to the game: moments of excitement coupled by many more filled with sheer anger at the stopping.

It turns out that after suffering through a tedious 4 hours of ‘entertainment’ my week could get worse. Apparently the BBC have a knack for putting stuff on our screens that is either: a) not entertaining or b) down right ridiculous. Take the show ‘Miranda’, for example. Starring (I use that word tentatively) Miranda Hart (yes, now you get why the shows called Miranda) the show is about a woman with no comedic value put in overused and unfunny situations in a bid to numb the pain of our existence until we seep slowly into a much wanted death.

It hit the headlines this week that said show will be moving over to BBC one. Not exactly headline news, but something more infuriating than Mubarak not stepping down from presidency.

Miranda is the type of show that should only be aired to people with an IQ of less than 7. It takes ‘jokes’ (if you can call them that) and then rams them down your throat until you’re literally choking on the sour taste of average comedy. Of course, there are those who like and enjoy the show, they’re known as “Idiots”. Taking it to BBC one really does show how down the tube TV currently is.

Once, in Britain, we had great comedies with great comedians who’d create lovable characters with subtle humor – like the Office – or create the ludicrous and outstanding – like Fawlty Towers did – now we have the ludicrous humour (in the derogatory sense) coupled with hittable characters. What a turn in the right direction for the Beeb.

My faith in you is slipping, and my willingness to pay the TV license to allow you to put such rubbish on the tele makes me want to do nothing less than emigrate (I hear Egypt is starting to clean itself up, and flights won’t be too expensive……).